Chuck Hitzemann

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The following photo shows the gun placement on LZ Center, 196th LIB B Battery. The gun closest to the dump site (lower right) is Gun #4. Moving counter-clockwise is Gun #1, Gun #2 (my father's gun), and Gun #3. The mess tent is situated between Gun #1 and Gun #2.

The following photo is the Bn TOC on LZ Center

LZ Center, 2002, when Chuck visited Vietnam with his wife. It still looks the same today. Note the power lines in the foreground.

My wife and I spent two fast-paced weeks in Vietnam from May 1-13, 2002. We visited sights in the north and in the old I Corps from the DMZ south to Chu Lai.

The Number "321." We stayed in Room 321 in the Hue hotel. Our flight from Danang to Saigon was Vietnam Airlines Flight 321.

Chuck Hitzemann served with the 196th Light Infantry Brigade from July '67-July '68. He was 3/82 artilleryman attached to the 3/21 Infantry and now lives in Southwest Virginia.