David "Pappy" Brassfield

I was with Recon 11/67 thru late January 68 then went to C Company, 3rd Platoon (Charlie Tiger) as they were in desperate need for experienced Medics. Was WIA 30 March and after 10 weeks hospitalization and rehab, I jumped a flight back to Chu Lai and Center. Worked out of Forward Aid Station running Medical Supplies, as I still could not 'hump' due to nerve damage to my right hip.

I finished out my tour at LZ Baldy working Dust off Ops as RTO. I returned 07/69 as flight Medic with Chu Lai Dust-Off for 18 months; however I never made it back to Center.

We DID appreciate Red Horse Arty. On the Tactical Operations Center 'net' Red Horse 6's call sign was 'Biggest Balls' while the M-105 Cdr's call sign was 'Boom Boom'. While with Recon I experienced 'Danger Close' with 155MM incoming (about 10 meters away), the team leader gave the WRONG coordinates!