Len (Lloyd) Hureau

Ken was assigned to B Battery for almost his entire tour from 1967 to 1968. He was the Motor Sgt, and helped with the resupply from LZ Baldy, which was the direct rear and Chu Lai base was the main rear support. Ken visited LZ Center on many occassions but was usually for one or two days to repair generators, or other mechanical devices.

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Left Photo - Waiting for chopper to take supplies to LZ Center
Middle Photo - LZ Baldy with HQ in the background
Right Photo - Medics who rotated in and out of the rear


"The guys with me in the rear (seven in all) had it pretty good compared to the guys on the LZ Center, But the one thing you can take to the bank is we really cared about those guys and did everything in our power to get them what they needed when they needed it. On the humor side, it seemed like we could never send enough beer.."

Ken Hureau